This season, CLOT Spring/ Summer Collection 2017 is titled “NEW-AGE-ETHNIC”, designed by CLOT Creative Director Edison Chen, CLOT continues its creative talent and is set to introduce our best ever collection. We are proud to announce that we are having our first ever CLOT Fashion Presentation on June 24, showcasing 20 looks of the CLOT Spring Summer 2017 alluring pieces at The Place de La Republique.
The Spring Summer 2017 collection has pulled inspirations from distinct sources and resulting in a mix of contemporary silhouettes in several themes. Standout designs including CLOT Texmex Collection, as well as special collaborations with Zoe Vance aged graphic print tees, Alien Ju-Jitsu collection, brick camo , CLOT X Vanquish denim and military cut & sewn collection.
“New Age Ethnic is the world we live in now , all kinds of people and all colors of skin all in melting pot , personally I am influenced by western culture , but I identify myself as a Asian , these two merging together have created my diverse mindset . We all share one world, one sun and one internet, boundaries are a thing of the past, new age ethnically is the world we live in today.” – Edison Chen
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